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A team of Swedish medical experts has arrived in Kikwit, Zaire to
train local doctors and nurses who are treating victims of the
deadly Ebola virus. The team, from the Swedish Centre for Disease
Control, is being led by Doctor Bo Niklasson. By using protective
suits, the doctors are trying to convey to hospital staff the
importance of sterilisation. In the quarantined Kikwit Hospital,
Doctor Niklasson reports, living patients are placed next to dead


Doctor Bo Niklasson of the Swedish Centre for Disease Control SOT
(in English) on the virus and the conditions in the hospital
Doctor Niklasson and members of the team putting on jump suits and
entering the hospital where people infected with the ebola virus
are quarantined
PAN along patients in bed
CU person lying in bed
Doctor disinfecting patient
Doctor Niklasson SOT: “Most of us feel we know very little about
this virus.”
People walking in street


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