This is the May 31, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:23 The Office of Refugee Resettlement finds and vets sponsors who look after kids while their immigration status is determined. 30 days after, it calls the kids to make sure they’re alright. That’s where the “lost kids” story comes from.

6:11 Trump famously bragged that trade wars are easy to win. And it looks like he’s about to find out if that’s true. Canada is pissed about Trump’s steel tariff. They just put their own tariffs on goods like pizza and quiche.

8:05 Michel Barnier is the voice of the remaining 27 countries in the EU’s Brexit negotiations; with the future rights of 500 million citizens and a trading bloc worth hundreds of billions of dollars riding on the deal he makes with the UK.

16:08 Google listed “Nazism” as one of the ideologies of the California Republican party earlier this morning. The problem is already solved

17:35 Rishik and Rutvik are two brothers who have been very successful in both the South Asian Spelling Bees and the Scripps National Spelling Bees

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