Sec Pompeo Challenged on the Ebola outbreak in Congo
The Ebola virus has so far killed at least eight people while 30 cases of the deadly disease have been detected in Equateur province since May 8, according to a Ministry of Public Health official Thursday.

Dr. Faustin Legu told Anadolu Agency: “As of today in Equateur province, a total of 58 cases of hemorrhagic fever have been identified of which 30 have been confirmed to be Ebola cases, 14 probable and 14 suspected; 8 deaths have been recorded.”
MAY 24, 2018
State Department Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the department’s 2019 budget request. At the top of the hearing, Secretary Pompeo read a letter from President Trump to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un informing him that a planned summit between the two leaders would be called off. After that, he faced a number of questions on that letter, as well as a variety of foreign policy and affairs topics

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