A new review of the rate of Ebola infection in Liberia shows that, unlike before, more men are contracting the deadly disease than women, according to health authorities in the country.

The latest epidemiology survey reveals that 70 percent of of the people infected in three weeks during August were men, according to Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah.

This is a total reversal of earlier reports which showed up to 75 percent of the Ebola death toll in Liberia were women.

At the time, authorities attributed the trend to the frontline roles that women play in taking care of Ebola patients — washing their clothes and cleaning their corpses, all of which put them at greater risk of exposure to the highly contagious virus.

Investigations were now underway to establish how and why the gender infection rates had shifted so suddenly, according Nyenswah.

The survey findings also revealed that, in terms of age categories, the most highly affected victims are between 25-34, followed by 35-44, and then 45-54. Children aged under 5 and adults over 60 years are the least affected by the virus.

Among health workers, nurses and nurse aids are the most affected while doctors and physician assistants have lower rates of Ebola infection.

( Perhaps so many of the women has become sick and died that only the men are left to do the “frontline roles” and are now being subject to the virus like the women were?   YOUR THOUGHTS???   COMMENT PLEASE! )