This is the June 28, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:02 Puerto de Anapra is one of the poorest communities in the state of Chihuahua, dominated by the Juarez Cartel. It also backs right up to the border fence – making it the perfect spot for migrants looking to cross illegally.

6:14 The day after Justice Kennedy resigned, progressives are freaking out. But there’s not much they can do. All Republicans need is 50 Senators to put a Trump-picked justice on the Supreme Court

9:52 More than 100 politicians have been assassinated in Mexico over the past eight months, several of whom were candidates in the upcoming July 1 election. VICE News examines how political violence has impacted this election.

16:30 Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was killed in plain sight last year at Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport. Today, Malaysian prosecutors wrapped their closing arguments in the trial of the two women accused of the murder.

22:41 These New Yorkers are using their tiny dogs to get rid of the city’s rat problem

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