Ebola-virus GP2 complex by RenderingReality.com. One of our latest animations focuses on showing the incredible details, of the Ebola-virus GP2 complex. In this movie we feature the symmetry of natures’ deadly beauty, showing the glycoprotein complex surface structure depicted in blue, internal elements with a ball and stick model, and subsequent ribbon structure (red to blue). The Ebola-virus GP2 trimer forms the base of the glycoprotein complex, and is responsible for cellular fusion, GP-1 trimer not shown here is responsible for cellular binding.

Structure of the Ebola virus glycoprotein bound to an antibody from a human survivor.
Lee, J.E., Fusco, M.L., Hessell, A.J., Oswald, W.B., Burton, D.R., Saphire, E.O.

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