I received confirmation of some of my suspicions on the US West African BIO Weapons Labs and the true reason for US and UK Military deployments there. The US sent the 101st Airborne!!!! They are seizing land, that is what a force like this does. Youtube would not let me load all the email I refer to, so here are some excerpts:
“I mentioned in my videos and here that the doctors in those countries are accusing the west’s research labs in using the vaccine program to infect the people with the weaponized ebola virus, and have asked them to leave. In response, the US and UK sent troops, not to help in trying to treat the disease, but to force the labs to stay in those countries, they are not there to “combat” the virus, but to ensure its continued mutations, and to secure the resources of those countries against the Chinese (of course, the troops do not realize this).”
“Treatment is nothing more right now than life support; administering fluids to keep up hydration (trying to keep up blood pressure) and flushing the body, blood transfusions, and treating secondary bacterial infections. The mortality rate, even with treatment, is 50%-90%.”
“Since water is so important for everyday use AND TREATING THE SYMPTOMS OF EBOLA, get a portable absolute 2 micron water filtration right away, and if you can get a fluoride filter for it, do that as well. Pro Pure has a table top gravity feed system that can be taken to the field (NO, I DO NOT HAVE STOCK IN THE COMPANY!!). ADD IODINE OR CHLORINE TO THE INTAKE TANK TO KILL VIRUSES, THE FILTER WILL REMOVE THE CHEMICAL. DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS.”
“BLAMING OBAMA IS SILLY! HE IS JUST THE LATEST FRONT MAN. Bush and all the others are just as culpable and knew they were (and will continue) pushing the agendas of those who want your destruction. The ballot is worthless!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!! “

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