Bright Light Projects Ebola orphans – Diary of Ebola Disease at Safe Home Orphanage Rolal 2 Sierra Leone in Port Loko District is part of Africa for Ebola Orphans project powered by Bright Light Projects Sierra Leone (BLPSL)

Bright Light Projects Ebola orphans -Diary of Ebola Disease Safe Home Orphanage Sierra Leone seeks to identify and document Ebola orphans living in the different chiefdoms and villages in Sierra Leone in an attempt to provide sustainable solutions to Ebola orphans following the death of their parents through the Ebola disease outbreak in 2014. Diary of Ebola Disease Sierra Leone is in line with Bright Light Projects mission of advocacy through music in finding sustainable solutions for Ebola orphans and survivors due to Ebola virus outbreak in 2014
Ebola orphans – Dairy of Ebola Disease Sierra Leone takes us to Safe Home in Rolal 2 village in Port Loko district in Sierra Leone in an attempt to document and understand some of the challenges Ebola orphans are faced with on a daily basis. The Ebola virus caused so much pain and suffering in the minds of the people in the affected areas especially in the minds of Ebola victims and survivors. Ebola orphans who are often stigmatized b their own relatives and friends as you will hear from this How to help Ebola Orphans – Diary of Ebola Disease Ebola orphan documentary.

Ebola orphans – Diary of Ebola disease Sierra Leone at Safe Home orphanage in Rolal 2 village is an attempt to raise awareness through consistent media campaigns on the plight of the orphans by Bright Light Projects, an international Non-profit organization with headquarters in Houston Texas and registered in Sierra Leone as a Community Based Organization.

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Our Mission:

Bright Light Projects’ mission is to Implement viable and sustainable Community-based projects through affiliated Common Initiative Groups, Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations in Sub –Sahara Africa

Our Goal:

Bright Light Projects’ goal is to Advocate MUSIC as a tool for sustainable development in Sub – Sahara Africa

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