GO FUND ME PAGE STARTED for the INVESTIGATION into this possible sinister Cover up that made HEADLINE NEWS About CDC Epidemiologist TIMOTHY CUNNINGHAM. PLEASE VISIT & READ the Info then DONATE if you feel like it ADDS UP to Something…


—No joke yall…Get your house in order. Like QANON always says, “THINK LOGICALLY”. WWG1WGA!!!
Follow the Money!!

—Will be updating links to provide proof and timeline of my findings…Will be contacting Major crimes detective in Atlanta to provide my theory, FBI, DNI, CIA, Hell, Even the Whitehouse itself!! Once I establish the links and timeline i have found i truely believe I’m breaking open the clues.
Must be VERY CAREFUL!! To play a card like this against this type of vicious sinister enemy is TRUELY DANGEROUS. MUST STAY close to the chest just in case i am truely onto something and end up disappearing in some “accident”. Just know, if i have a “Mysterious death” there is an insurance file that will be sent to the Whitehouse DIRECTLY!! GENERAL KELLY, TRUMP, Trey Gowdy And Devine Nunes are the ONLY patriots to trust with this information.

IF any Anons see this PLEASE contact me at NYSTATEOFMIND25@GMAIL.COM. This truely is something QANON needs to be given and studied…I will GLADLY offer my services to any government or Non-government organization who will provide grants/Bankroll to travel to Atlanta, Maryland, Africa, & anywhere else to find the proof. I would LOVE to speak to Cunningham’s family, his neighbors, his colleagues, etc etc…I also would like to read the case file that the Major crimes unit have collected on Mr. Cunningham.

—I truely know it deep in my heart FROM OUR FATHER, LORD & SAVIOUR that this is a CERTIFIED plan…

To attack and infect! To kill 100s of thousands of people to throw the public into chaos and take away from the bombshells being released about the CLINTON, BUSH, OBAMA, ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILD/SEC ORGANIZATION that has almost taken over our country…BUT us PATRIOTS ARE STILL HERE SOROS!!! Our FAITH IS GOD!! It is what keeps your evil at bay!! You foul ass Satanists will NEVER conquer over true GOODNESS & LIGHT!!!

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