BREAKING Trump Aide Discovers Horrifying Secret Obama Kept From Us All During routine office maintenance, a Trump White House staffer with low clearance stumbled upon a 3-ring binder someone had dropped behind a microwave oven in a West Wing break room. The binder, marked “eyes only,” indicated that only the highest clearance should be able to see it.

After opening and reading it and sending it around to people who couldn’t believe what they were seeing, the binder ended up on National Security specialist Steve Bannon’s desk. Bannon, who is an expert in deciphering classified documents from his background in investigative journalism, concluded that the Obama administration hid just how intense the ebola threat actually was in 2014.

According to the classified file, which Bannon de-classified and sent to his friends at Breitbart News:

“The threat of Ebola goes much further than we (The Obama administration) anticipated. There are 4 infected people in the US that the public knows about. There are, however, at least a dozen more we intentionally infected in order to test treatments.

Bannon outraged that Obama would intentionally infect unwitting Americans, told a reporter for Infowars:

This just proves that Obama hates America. He intentionally infected those innocent people in the hopes that they would spread ebola to the masses, allowing Muslims to take control of our great lands.

When it was pointed out that the infection was cured and the people infected were volunteers from the CDC, Bannon made a clever observation:

You can call them whatever they want. They were Americans and they didn’t deserve their fate, may they rest in peace. The fact is that the infection was stopped by private medical facilities and not Obamacare. While there may not be ebola threats in 2017, that doesn’t make it any better in 2014. We have a feeling we’ll see something similar in 2018 just before winter, as well.

Whether they’re facts or alternative facts, the new revelation could spell trouble for Obama. It’s a violation of federal law to keep quarantine numbers from the public. Steve Bannon said so himself.”

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